ICAISC 2012 Invited Talks


Invited Talk
"The challenge of neurodegenerative disease: neural network models."
Włodzisław Duch (Biography)
Nicolaus Copernicus University



Invited Talk
"Data in XXI century - how to manage and analyze enormous data sets and how to analyze it. From traditional BI to BigData solution."
Tomasz Kopacz (Blog)


Invited Talk
"Some Experiences and Challenges of Decision Support using Multiobjective Optimization Methods."
Kaisa Miettinen (Website)
University of Jyväskylä


Invited Talk
"Consensus-based Methods for Ontology Integration."
Ngoc Thanh Nguyen (Web Page)
Wroclaw University of Technology


Invited Talk
"Cognitive Fault Diagnosis."
Marios M. Polycarpou (Website)
Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering
University of Cyprus


Invited Talk
"Non parametric Measures of Dependence."
José C. Príncipe (Website)
Computational NeuroEngineering Laboratory
University of Florida


Invited Talk
"Artificial General Intelligence embodied in NAO humanoid robot."
Wojciech Skaba (Website)